Overall insecticide Service - Pest control

Overall insecticide Service - Pest control

Flies, mosquitoes, ants, Cockroaches are insects always take trouble to people, not only that they also carry the bacteria, the bacteria from the most unhygienic place to the human food supply. From these reasons it should insect flies, mosquitoes, ants, Cockroaches can cause food poisoning such as diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid, dengue, yellow fever ... Cockroaches own species also causes odor in the area they attack.


with harmful insects mentioned above, Tin Thanh Tam companies make plans for dealing with the following:

  • Survey method directly:

    Tin Thanh Tam Company will send staff to the survey directly to know exactly what type of insect to make plans for handling the most effective.

    For example:

Cockroaches: Cockroaches what type (merit or Cockroaches Cockroaches fine).
Flies: Flies any kind (fruit fly or house fly).
Comments: What type of Kien (winds or fire ants).
Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes do is type (mosquitoes, egg toss thinners, mosquito larvae).

Tin Thanh Tam company should determine what type of insect, because each type has to apply the chemical and processing methods are also different, which will bring the process to control insects achieve the highest efficiency.

  • Complex handling:

Physical Methods: Using a small grid to restrict the entry of insects. Using special light to destroy them.

To control mosquito larvae and eggs: San fill the holes with standing water, open sewers, water supplies should be rinsed regularly and carefully capped. thereby diminishing habitats of mosquito larvae and breeding of adult mosquitoes.

Clean, fluorescent: All shrubs, garbage clean-up around the area to be treated, cleaning supplies, clean utensils, thereby diminishing the habitat of adult mosquitoes.

  • Chemical methods:

Periodic spraying chemicals to kill pests and disease vectors, the best injection start time and end of rainy season.

The spray area should include: walls, garden, space, outer wall surrounded by dark corner, the corner area to be treated, bedroom, living room, the place for household items, the drain pulse around ...

Spraying chemical residues form: Spray general areas inside and outside ...
Chemical mist spray: Apply to the area inside the house and gardens inside the house ...
Spraying chemicals as smoke: spray chemicals into the sewer system around the house, gardens around the house (buildings, resorts, office buildings, shopping centers ...) to immediately destroy the harmful insects are face ... (for external).

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