Rat and control of rats overall

Rat and control of rats overall.

SERVICES COMPREHENSIVE CONTROL OF RATS. Based on the needs of your company, your customers we will appoint experts to examine and survey exposed the real situation on the spot

1. Based on the survey, we conducted a quotation service control rats.

2. After the two sides negotiated and agreed, we will sign the contract for approval and implementation.

3. Every month, TAM TIN THANH Co Ltd carried out periodically with rats handling microbial products and residues STORM borate; also regularly check the area to be protected. Force for the Company shall perform all work processes, from spray / put drugs, tests, determined to pick up the rats. quality and efficiency of services at the highest level.

Preparations of micro BIORAT (Cu-Ba) cause disease in  rats when they eat right and make the disease spread mutual rat dying after 04 days. Service Team of TIN THANH TAM will pick up the rats body, and also to disinfect injection Chloramine B in case of body odor by rats. The case of a foul odor, we use antiseptic preparations of the Czech Republic for fast processing of 50 to 10 minutes.

4. With the above operations, effective control of the rats will be seen within the first month of implementation. The next month, we still maintain similar activities to prevent and eradicate intrusion of new rats ; set up a "security belt" around the area of ​​contracts. This belt will expand if more work is done to prevent regular rats, continuous and stable.

5. The results achieved with the service: over 95% (actually 100%) position is secured not have a rats.

6. Based on performance in each month [based on a paper certifying the work], you are making payments based on actual export bills in that month.

7. When the old contract expired in force, either party may extend or renew a service contract for next year.

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